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Meet Peter Pinhead

Peter No drugs

Peter handing out Say No to Drugs cards!

Peter Skateboarding

Peter showing off his skateboarding skills!

Peter & Buddy

Peter hanging out with his buddy!

Peter as Lars

Peter pretending he's Lars Ulrich!

Peter as Billy Joel

Peter pretending he's Billy Joel!

Peter gets arrested

Peter getting into a little trouble with the law!

Peter at NTI 1

Peter visiting NTI (Nascar Techinal Intsitute)

Peter at NTI 2

Peter visiting NTI (Nascar Techinal Intsitute)

Peter's Car

Peter filling up his impressive 2006 Mustang!

Peter Hungry

Peter dropping a hint that he's getting hungry!

Peter & Johnny

Peter hanging out with the Legendary Johnny Petraglia!

Peter & Kyle

Peter stealing the glory from Kyle Troup!

Peter wants new car

Peter's picked out the car he wants!

Silly Peter

Silly Peter, we can't take you anywhere can we?!